Are you leaving behind an iPad widow?

I’m just sitting on the tube looking at a guy reading the Metro news paper next to another guy reading the interactive version through the Metro app on his iPad.

For those of you who haven’t embraced the tablet movement, I thought I would give you an idea of my experience of having bought one.

I guess I went through a similar thought process before buying the iPhone 4
which was my first venture into the world of the late great Steve Jobs. I liked the look of the iPhone, it seemed a pretty cool thing to carry around, and the thought of having the internet in my pocket seemed quite appealing. I had only just got into the world of smart phones with employer at the time giving me a Blackberry curve with emails and a Facebook app. I thought WOW! After many months of umming and aarring over what contract to get it on and how much data I would need I stopped listening to the sensible voice in my head and stumped up the cash. I was in the club!

After realising how amazing my iPhone was I became conscious that everywhere I turned I started seeing the iPad. Although it didn’t take me as long to convince myself to buy the iPad as it did the iPhone it seemed a more difficult decision. I NEED a phone but I don’t NEED an iPad. Or at least I didn’t think I did. I have a couple of laptops, a desktop pc/media centre and mobile internet on my iPhone.

Eventually I thought I don’t need it but I work hard and I deserve some rewards so I ordered one. I went for the 16gb 3g. I got a £10 a month O2 data sim. I went with black because I thought it looked smarter and the white one looked a bit Essex! I would recommend the 3G version all day long. The increase in productivity and functionality is well worth the extra cash. An iPad with just wifi to me, seems like I would be wasting my life carrying around what is a £400 glorified book/game boy and forever be trying to find wifi.

Ever since I bought it, it has been glued to my hip. I take it almost everywhere with me. When I am sitting there watching the tv I’ll be playing about doing something, when I go to my friends or family I take it with me. I always find a reason to use it. Whether it’s to show them a photo or a website or to look up how cheap you can get something on eBay.

The browsing experience is so user friendly. I find myself just flicking around the web. The keyboard just pops up when you need it. Even my 80 something year old Grandad can use it. I hardly ever use my laptop/computer anymore for day-to-day internet use.

I keep my music on my iPhone but I have still managed to almost fill up the 16gb with apps.

My recommendation is if you’re a bit of a techy, you like the concept and you can still afford to pay the bills if you buy one then get it. I don’t think you will regret it. For the amount of money it costs it gives me so much. I can do that extra bit of work when I need to or when I am bored, entertain myself . As well as being useful when you need it, it fills the “in between time” in your life with something you will enjoy.


My review comes with a warning that your significant other may divorce you when they become an iPad widow because you pay more attention to the iPad than them! BE WARNED!

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