Google plus ———- A +ve or a -ve?


Google+ has 90 million users

Source: Forbes blog post Jan 2012

What does this mean to you?

Well I guess it depends on how you look at social media. If you go on facebook to keep up with old friends and tell the world how cold it is on the way to work then I can’t see you rushing to it.

If you are a brand looking to reach out to the forward thinking, technologically savvy individuals then you may want to take note of the 90 million people google have on there already.

I have dabbled but not 100% embraced the site as yet. I went on there to try to secure my user name chrisheffer and theotherhef to match my other accounts but found that it doesn’t give out unique URLs. I kind of dropped it there other than adding some basic details to drive traffic to my website/blog should anyone ever come across my Google+ page first.

I think Google have big plans for the site and its worth getting yourself a presence on the site with some basic information. If (or when) I can link my hootsuite account to Google+ I will start pushing content to the site but until then I think I will leave it on the back burner.

What are your experiences of Google+? Have you embraced it? If so what are your experiences? +ve or -ve?

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