Due to the popularity of my last crowd sourced summary I thought I would continue on with the social collaboration. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the conversation using the event hashtag #SBS2012.

The Social Business Summit 2012 was held in London on June 21st 2012. The event was organised by Dachis Group and sponsored by IBM.

The event featured keynotes from some of the most influential thought leaders from the world of social business. The line up included:-

For the benefit of anyone who couldn’t attend or for anyone who would like a recap, I have compiled this article featuring what were, in my opinion, the key tweets and quotes from the day. It features a compilation of some of the things that were said on the day by the speakers and the opinions of those in the audience. I narrowed down the many hundred of tweets into just 63. Too much good stuff to get into a shorter list sorry!

Hopefully it should give you an idea of the summit and some of the ideas discussed.

I have also added some photos of the event onto my Facebook page

https://twitter.com/waithash/status/215803409696161794 https://twitter.com/waithash/status/215803409696161794 https://twitter.com/PhilipBD/status/215797121176174592 https://twitter.com/waithash/status/215805485121679360 https://twitter.com/alanghamilton/status/215717060527919104