One of the values you need to adopt to be successful at social selling is transparency.

I watched this video a few years ago and it is still as valuable today if not more so than it was back then.

In this video Jeffrey Hollender discusses “Radical transparency” as appose to transparency. Transparency is deciding what to be transparent about where as “Radical transparency” is being transparent by default and without question.

It is uncomfortable for almost everyone but in this example he shows how it can quickly prove to be the ultimate leveller of the playing field. If you are a good company who cares about its customers and genuinely puts them first, you will become more successful. If you only care about making money, hitting your targets and keeping your boss/shareholders happy you should be very afraid.

If you are a good company radical transparency will make you more successful

Listen to this example of how in Jeffrey’s business radical transparency helped him make more sales.

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