You can’t expect kindness unless it’s what you offer to yourself & others

Should anyone be kind to you if you are not kind to them?  Should anyone respect you if you don’t respect them?  They might if you are lucky but probably not.  If you aren’t kind and respectful to others then you probably aren’t being kind or respectful to yourself.  It starts with you.  Be the [...]

If you don’t get paid enough or work too many hours you have a productivity problem

Productivity is the most important thing anyone should grow. Productivity is simple. Your ability to convert inputs to outputs. Inputs are whatever you have (time/money/resources/etc) Outputs are whatever you want (money/sales/profit/value/happiness/societal benefit/etc). Your productivity is your ability to convert one to the other. It is the most important thing anyone can grow. Everyone has limited [...]

Turn your business into a flywheel and grow like Amazon

Jim Collin wrote in his book “Good to great” about the concept of great businesses having a flywheel. He said: “Big things happen because you do a lot of small things supremely well and they compound over time.” A flywheel is an incredibly heavy wheel which takes a huge amount of intelligent effort in consistent [...]