LinkedIn eBook

Project Description

I was one of 33 social selling experts who was asked to contribute to a new free Social Selling ebook published by Linkedin.

The book features a foreword by LinkedIn’s Head of Social Media Koka Sexton who is seen by most as the leading voice in the social selling industry.

linkedin social selling tips ebook cover

The book features 33 articles from 33 leading voices in social selling.

The book’s articles include:

  1. Are you a Social Seller or are you a Relationship Marketer by Andrea Lindal
  2. Get More Client Referrals with LinkedIn by Brynne Tillman
  3. Succeed with Social Selling in a Buyer 2.0 World by Chris Carlson
  4. From LA Times to Triggers Online: A Social Selling Transformation by Celina Guerrero
  5. Social Selling: Evolution not Revolution by John Dougan
  6. Cashin’ In On LinkedIn: Social Selling is Finding, Connecting and Engaging by Gary Kissel
  7. What Is “Social Selling” Anyway? by John Barrows
  8. 3 Lessons from 3 Years of LinkedIn Sales Training by Kurt Shaver
  9. Social Selling Prospects Aren’t Social by Matt Heinz
  10. Selling Was Always Social by Tibor Shanto
  11. Twitter for Sales Reps: Big Hat – No Cattle by Trish Bertuzzi
  12. Think Bigger than Social Selling by Barbara Giamanco
  13. The Social Selling opportunity impacts Organization and Culture by Jordi Gili
  14. The Three R’s: Respect, Relationship and Revenue by Marge Bieler
  15. How can Blogging help you Sell? by Chris Heffer
  16. Can You Keep Track of Buyers? by Michael de Groot
  17. Using LinkedIn for Business Prospecting Success by Edward van der Kleijn
  18. When Only Being YOU Will Do! by Sam Flynn
  19. Social Selling on LinkedIn – A Distinctive Recipe by Viveka von Rosen
  20. Social Selling – Love it or Hate it, you Gotta LIKE it by Logan Nathan
  21. So tell me: What is Social Selling, actually? by Dorte Møller Madsen
  22. Who You Are Online is Who You Are by Jeb Blount
  23. Surround Your Buyers with Social Proof by Julie Weill Persofsky
  24. Win New Business With Great Content On LinkedIn by Kate Nankivell
  25. Is Your Value Proposition “Socialized”? by Lisa Dennis
  26. No Kissing on the First Date! by Amar Sheth
  27. I Wouldn’t Know Social Selling if it Hit Me over The Head by Jill Rowley
  28. “Dinosaurs” by Sulemaan Ahmed
  29. The Social Sales Trifecta by Lori Richardson
  30. Selling Social Selling to the Executive Team by Anneke Seley
  31. Social Selling…learn how to be social, you already know how to sell… by Brian Fanzo
  32. Social Selling or Social Service? by John Golden
  33. Ten Things You Need to be Doing on Social Media by Don Cooper