Social Media Week Presentation

Project Description

This is the video for the presentation I did as part of Social Media Week 2012. I presented on how social data could be used in CRM. The presentation was part of the Social Data and Privacy Event held at Nebarro LLP in central London.

Topics covered in presentation

  • What is CRM
  • How could social data be used with a CRM
  • What is the future of business in with these ideas
  • What CRM systems are good at and where they are not not so good
  • Use case for social data for consumer packaged good industry (FMCG)
  • Use case for social data for television production companies industry
  • 2 x use cases for social data in retail

Video recording

Slides from event


Chris is an expert on social media with a real grasp of the commercials underpinning social models and what they can bring to business.

Belindi Doshi – Partner at Nabarro LLP