Wedding Pianist SEO

Project Description

Wedding pianist SEO

One of the largest source of leads and traffic is organic search. As part of the redesign of we strategically redesigned the site to stand a good chance of ranking for some targeted key words.

To support our goals of growing the pianist agency business nationally, there were three tiers of keywords

Primary keywords

These are the big money keywords for the industry they people use when are looking for a wedding pianist. These are pretty difficult to rank for as they are shorter and not very specific.

  • Wedding pianist
  • Wedding piano music

Secondary keywords – venue related keywords

These are the keywords which are much more specific in terms of user intent. These words convert better because the page they will find will be specifically tailed to services at that venue,

  • Wedding pianist, eg Smiths Hall Wedding pianist
  • pianist, eg Smiths Hall pianist

Venue name keywords

These are the very high level keys words which are worth trying to rank for however the competition is a lot higher as there are some big national businesses which try and rank for the actual venue name as well as the actual venue’s website itself.

  • Wedding venue, eg Smiths Hall Wedding venue
  • eg Smiths Hall


  • Ranked no 1 for most primary keywords such as wedding pianist and wedding piano music.
    Ranked in top 3 for 198 keywords
  • Ranked in top 10 for 343 keywords