This could be the iPad 3 review or perhaps it should be the iPad 2.1, you will find out why below.

Let me start by saying I love Apple. I love everything they stand for and everything they do. They are one cool company. I look to them to be inspired in the world of technology and to lead the way.

When the new iPad came out I was excited about seeing the latest innovation and what Apple could come up with to make me want to part with £499 of my hard earned money. I was a little sceptical about what they were going to come up with based upon the rumours that I was reading online.

I think Steve Jobs would be turning in his grave at the lack of innovation in the recent product launch with the “new iPad”. The theme was evolution rather than innovation.

I will go through feature by feature what the new iPad has to offer.

HD Screen on iPad

Apple says it’s “the best display ever on a mobile device”. It has a 2048×1536 screen rather the 1024×768. I am sure once I get my hands on one it will look good. I just don’t think I have ever really come across a time using my current iPad 2 where I have thought that I needed a higher resolution screen.

Faster wireless

4G connectivity is what they have served up. I would love to have faster connection from my current iPad 2. The current model sometimes seems like you are trying to suck the ocean through a drinking straw. I would love a thicker straw. My concern is that in the real world if you change the straw to a drain pipe then based upon current network speeds it will be like a drip of water through a pipe.

I guess it is abit of a chicken and an egg situation. What comes first the faster network or the faster device? I guess apple are just saying that when the networks catch up in the UK. A T3 blog article states that T Mobile and Orange will be able to offer 4G network by the end of 2012.

Personal hotspot

A personal hotspot is like create your own personal wifi network using your personal device where ever you are. In the same way that on an iPhone you can set up a personal hotspot you can now do the same with the new iPad. It doesn’t say specifically but I guess that it will be access able on the iPad 2 when you get the free 5.1 software upgrade.

Camera on new iPad

Apple call it the iSight camera. I am sure that again the camera is better than the last one. I will say that out of all of the feature this is probably the best addition to the line-up. The camera on iPad 2 was pretty poor. So I guess this camera is a bit better. Hardly an innovation though.

Applications on new iPad

The only thing I can see they have come up with is an iPhoto app. I am sure like most apple apps it will be pretty good. This app will run on the iPad 2 once you have upgraded the software version to 5.1. Hardly a revolution.

Faster A5X processer

I am sure that it will help me get things done a fraction of a second quicker. If you add up all those milli seconds, I might have an extra hour on the end of my life. Maybe I can think up something over the next 50 years of my life what I will do with the extra hour I will accumulate.

Cost of new iPad

The cost of the new is aligned with the old version. They have reduced the mk 2 model by £70 on the basic model. I think if I didn’t have a iPad would just save up a few more pounds and go with the new version.

Size and Weight

The length and width stay the same. The non-Wi-Fi version has gone up from 49 grams and 6 millimetres thicker. Not a big increase but the attributes are going in the wrong direction.


The new iPad is the best tablet in the market place. A tablet is just a window to the world. A tablet relies on the apps that they have available to make them as amazing as they can be. These apps make the iPad amazing. I doubt I will ever buy any other type of tablet device.

As an Apple fan I was hoping for something to give me the wow factor. I am very disappointed. I had mentally spent the money in my head before the launch but it has gone back in the bank.

Non iPad user’s advice

If you haven’t got an iPad at all then go out and buy the new one NOW! It will change your life. They are amazing. If you any one upgrading their iPad then go and see if you borrow or steal their old one. Once you have one you will never turn back.

Original iPad version 1 advice

Save up the money and buy the new one. The iPad 2 was great and this is abit better. Go get one.

iPad 2 users advice

Unless you have money to burn don’t bother. When 4G connectivity becomes readily available and you are a heavy user and download a lot of data then it might be worth buying but I would try out how good the network spend actually is and how good the reception is in your area.

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