Here I am, 3 months into a new role. I thought I would let you know what YOU can achieve in the right environment with the right mind-set. If I can do it you can too.

I firmly believe that social media can help the business world be a better place for everyone. I have jumped in at the deep end and given myself a self taught crash course in social media. I was inspired by a guy called Simon Sinek, who I talk about in one of my other blog articles, which contains a very inspiring video. I have embraced his goal of wanting to “inspire others to do what inspires them”. I have made it my mission to tell the world how I think they can help achieve their personal business goals using Social Media.

For me to be successful in my role I set my self two goals.

  1. Learn as much as I can, from as many people as I can
  2. Build up my reputation as a thought leader to gain respect both internally and externally

The achievements I have had I can put down to two things

  • my use of social media such as internal social platforms, LinkedInTwitter and my blog
  • having something that I believe in and telling everyone about it

Although the use of social media has helped me, I actually think I have got more benefit and achieved more so far, through defining what it is I believe in and telling people about it. Much in the same way a religious leader tells the world his beliefs. People who share the same beliefs are naturally drawn towards the leader. The same can be said in a business environment. If you go out there and tell the world what you believe in, people who share your beliefs will be drawn towards you.

In 3 months I have:

  • Been asked to contribute to’s new thought leadership innovation blog writing amongst senior directors and members C-suite as part of the global marketing campaign
  • Presented to multiple audiences across EMEA across different departments
  • Been asked to help deliver external social media marketing webinars positioning myself as a thought leader in this field
  • As one person in a workforce of 55,000, I have got onto the radar of a handful of people at the top of the company that matter to me and who can influence my career progression
  • Been retweeted by the highest ranked employee in Europe in my area of business
  • Retweeted by main company account to 43,575 people
  • Increased my klout score by 22 points

I know this may sound arrogant, with all this talking about myself but I just wanted to prove to anyone who doubts if social media is worth bothering with, that I can prove to you that it is. In the world of social media, it is dominated by the early adopting people who just “get it.” They don’t need to be shown a case study or have a black and white ROI to get involved. I have gone from somebody who just liked social media and thought it was important, to someone who is regarded by a multinational organisation as thought leader in 3 months.

I want to inspire you to take the ideas that you find in my blog and to go out there and embrace social media. If you don’t, there will be someone else who is just as good as you at your job but who is better at social media. That person WILL steal the next job or promotion that you go for or close that big deal that you were trying to get.

Your turn:

What things have you done in your career using social media that you are proud off? What advice would you give to somebody who is just starting out using social media professionally?

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    1. If you put more about you and the things that do online then it will enable more people to find you. I could not find any information about what exactly it you do but if you would like to let me know what you do (either publically or privately) I will happily give you ideas as to what else you may be able to do to get more people to find you.

      I am assuming you use social media for some kind of business use. If this is the case, think about all the things that make you unique, what do you stand for, what do you believe in, what is your niche? The more you have out there on the web that showcases who you are the more chances there are that people wil find you and want to get in touch.

      One last thing. Think about what it is that people are looking for and not what you are looking to tell them. Put yourself in the shoes of the person you want to find you and think about what they are searching for and how they will be looking for information.

      Hope this helps.

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