This article follows on from part one on how to motivate people to buy. In fact this applies to most situations where you have to convince somebody to do something.

There are two categories into which every tactic will fall; to manipulate or to inspire. The vast majority will fall into the manipulate category, with only the greatest being able to inspire. I will explain the two in more detail.


Here are a number of different ways in which companies try to manipulate their customers into buying something.


If you give somebody a cheap enough price, they will buy. This reduces the risk on their part in making the decision to go with your product or service.

Free stuff

A lot of organisations rely on giving away free stuff or as some people describe it,  value add. You are just reducing the risk for the buyer by giving them extra things.

Peer pressure

Buy this product because 7 out of 10 of your competitors use us. Let me analyse this. Did those 70% of my competitors get such a good deal that they couldn’t say no? The sales person could have been virtually giving it away. Why does that mean I should buy the same thing?  What if  70% of my competitors are wrong? They could all be really bad at making purchasing decisions or they could all be really stupid. If it is right product/service for those 70%, what makes it right for me?

Celebrity endorsement

If David Beckham uses sharpie pens does that mean they are any good? How about David Beckham after shave? Do you think he wears it himself? I think you know where I am going. Just because they put their name to something doesn’t mean that it is any good. They are trying to say if it’s good enough for him it’s good enough for you. It just means that the company supplying the product or service can afford to buy the time and sponsorship rights to use David Beckham’s name.


Now this is the way that great businesses motivate people. So difficult to do, yet so effective if successful. Imagine if whenever anybody wanted to buy something, they always came to you first. They only ever asked you to quote/tender. People actually called you to ask how you can help their business, rather than you calling them to say how great your product or service is.

This may seem like a dream world but if you watch the video in part one of this blog, then you may start to see how this could be a reality.

A religious leader talks about their beliefs and people who share the same beliefs are naturally drawn towards them . If you can share your beliefs in business about why you come to work, why you get up in the morning and why your company exists, you will start to inspire. People who share the same beliefs as you will naturally be drawn towards you and if they believe in the same cause or purpose, they will want to part of your mission.

People who are inspired by a vendor will form a relationship with that vendor, but not because their business needs the product or service. By being a part of the mission of that vendor, it demonstrates to the outside world that they believe in the same things and that relationship stands as proof of their beliefs.


Next time you have the opportunity to talk to a new customer, have a think about what it is that you exist to do in your business. Think about the foundations of what your beliefs are. Go into that meeting and start with, why you do what you do and don’t just tell them what or how you do it. Let me know in the comments if you do this and how you get on!

Your turn

Have you ever tried this approach? Did it work? Do you know what your cause or purpose is in business? Do you think that there are other ways to motivate someone without either manipulating or inspiring? I would like to here your views!

This article was inspired by the work of Simon Sinek. If you believe what I believe and you want to know more about how to inspire people, buy his book.

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