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I am a consumer of IT. I love technology. I couldn’t imagine a world without my iPad and I will never buy another phone unless it is prefaced by the letter I.

Every day I check my Gmail account.

I work with social media and spend my life with my head in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc.

Technology is a massive part of my life, I live, eat and breathe it. I love it.

But……..I don’t care about cloud computing.

To me as the end user it doesn’t matter how or where these magical services are coming from. The information could be coming from a data center or Mark Zuckerburg’s garage for all I care. It requires additional sase software to keep your data safe from prying eyes. As an end user of all this good stuff and in the words of the late great Steve Jobs, all I care about is that:


I want to know I can access whatever information I need to access from where ever I want to access it on whatever device I want to access it on. I don’t need to know or need to care where it is coming from or where it is hosted.


My advice to all you techno-geeks out there who know the difference between a Platform as a Service and an Infrastructure as a Service is this:

  • Think about what the user does in their job and how you make it easier for them
  • Understand your end user, get to know them and try to figure out how to fix the problems they are not asking you to fix
  • Don’t consider if your solution should be in the cloud until you understand what is the problem. Then decide what would serve your end user the best.

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