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Chris HefferHey I’m Chris, nice to meet you. I help people who do great things do them better using the internet and social networks.

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Have you ever asked yourself:

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  • How can I get more visitors to my website?
  • How can I get more leads?
  • How can I generate more revenue?

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I’ll tell you about me (the short version)

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WHY? I believe everyone who does good in the world can do it better using the internet.

HOW? I grow companies by attracting more attention and building trust whilst measuring and learning what works and what doesn’t.

WHAT?  I am an ROI driven digital marketer with a passion for SEO, content creation, marketing automation and digital ads.


What other people have said

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– Senior Marketing Manager EMEA Field Marketing at Oracle

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– Founder & CEO of Unifyo

In an age where so few individuals are truly trying to produce content and do marketing in a way that thinks, talks, and walks like a consumer, Chris Heffer gets it. He pushes hard, has big vision and I think he has what it takes to help organisations achieve big success.

– TheSalesLion.com

It was such a huge honour for me to work with Chris. He is a passionate, intelligent and inspiring individual who isn’t afraid to define a vision for the future, a path to get there and then to fight for the business need to get there. Chris is an asset to any organisation that is smart enough to hire him.

– Vice President of Marketing and Content Strategy at SAP

Chris was an excellent moderator at our Corporate Social Media B2B Summit. His knowledge of social media and his level of engagement with the audience helped keep the sessions dynamic and interesting.

– Corporate Social Media Summit

Chris knows, and gets Social Media and is very passionate about it. I have found him to be very knowledgeable and a strong and capable team player to any Social focused effort.

– Vice President, Social Media Strategy and Business Development at SAP

Chris is certainly passionate about social business. He has a good understanding of the trajectory of the market, and a coherent vision on how to capitalize on market trends.

– Product Marketing Manager at Salesforce.com

I met Chris at a Social Business Summit and was immediately impressed by his grasp of social media and the benefits it could bring to an organisation. When I’ve needed help or advice about the best approach to adopt in using Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook (to name but three) Chris’s suggestions have been spot on.
– Managing Partner, Knowledge et al

Chris presented at Nabarro’s Social Media Week conference. He is an expert on social media with a real grasp of the commercials underpinning social models and what they can bring to business.
– Partner at Nebarro

Chris is an unusual type of marketing person – the one who gets heavily emotionally invested in your business and is trying to deliver the most value for it. He was exceptionally helpful to us crystallising our mission statement and the outward impression that we needed to communicate to our users.
– CEO of istylemyself.com at Google Campus

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I’ll tell you a bit more about me

I was Digital Marketing Manager for PianoDJ a national wedding DJ and pianist agency.

I have freelanced as a sales and marketing consultant for Oracle and a handful of startup businesses. I also freelanced as a marketing consultant for  social media marketing start up Dachis Group (who raised $58.5m). I also coached individual sales people/entrepreneurs on building their personal brand through blogging, social media etc.

I previously worked on a project ExtendedWarrantyComparison.co.uk . It was an experiment with a new ultra transparent and unbiased sales and marketing business model. My goal was to earn  trust by empowering consumers with all the options available to them and all the information they need. I wanted to help them make the right decision for them and not sell them the option that makes me the most money, like most other businesses.

In the past I have advised the board of a charity called Action for Happiness on its marketing and communications strategy. A great organisation.

Before that I worked for enterprise software vendor SAP to help with Market Development for their Social Software products.

I have been recognised by industry publications and conference organisers as an up and coming thought leader/speaker for helping businesses apply the benefits of social. I was recognised on a list of global top social sellers.

My work has been published amongst many industry thought leaders and analysts, across publications such as:

I have been asked to speak at amongst others:

  • Facebook << watch the video <<
  • Google Campus
  • Social Media Week
  • Social Media World forum
  • B2B social media summit
  • SAP Forum
  • SAP User group conference

I cut my teeth in the business world for companies selling and marketing products such as mountain bikes, car insurance, corporate events, franking machines, software and consultancy services.

I was an early adopter of the internet. I started building my own websites using www.geocities.com around 2003. I used it to build an early Facebook wall type page with a Yahoo guestbook before I even knew what a social network was. I started playing around designing MySpace sites in 2005 by stealing borrowing and rewriting code from other sites I admired and designing animated GIFs (long before Tumblr came along) I later built sites using Dreamweaver and started writing my first blog in around 2006. In 2008 I started a company which organised and marketed online, an overseas music festival. I recruited an affiliate network of a dozen well established promoters from around the UK to co-promote the event in Spain.

I tweet and write about ways in which the internet can help improve the way you do business. If you would like to find out more about me and what I believe in please follow me on twitter or subscribe to my blog using the light blue sign up boxes on this page.

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I wish I didn’t have to call it Social Media 🙁

no more social media

I use the S-word on my website because that is what everyone else calls it.

Social media is just a word to describe the current state of the internet.  I think that people still, even in 2014, don’t understand how “the internet” is going to put them out of business if they do not change the way they think and act.

This is explained by Gary Vaynerchuk in the video below.

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I believe social will only reach its full potential in humanity, when people stop calling it social. Social will create the business standards of the future. For now we call it social business but in the future it will just be business.

Clay Shirky says in his Ted talk titled “How Social Media will change history”:

It’s not when the new shiny tools show up that they start to permeate society it is when people can start to take them for granted.

Skip to 1.23 it the video below to listen to that bit.

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I still remember the day my design & technology teacher showed me how to set up my first Yahoo email address when I was at school in about 1998. I remember asking him how much I had to pay for it.  I started experimenting building websites in around 2003 using Yahoo Geocities. I was the first person I knew who had a website. I used to tell people to visit my site and people used to sign the guestbook. This guestbook was most peoples’  first chance to experience user generated content on the internet. This content creation forms the fundamentals of what Facebook and all other social networking sites are built upon. I joined MySpace in 2005 and used it to promote myself as a DJ and the events I ran, in and around London.  Around the end of my time at University I started to experiment with Facebook using a pseudo name associated with my DJing. I didn’t really use it much because it wasn’t that social for me as there were not many people I wanted to connect with there.  I signed up again on the 1st March 2007 for my current personal Facebook profile. This time under my actual name.

In 2006 I started experimenting with HTML and Dreamweaver and built another website again to further promote myself as a DJ. Before I even knew what a blog was, the website has turned into site with a very basic blog-like home page. I had weekly updates as to where I was DJing that week and the track listings from the weekly radio show I used to do.

Whilst organising a large music event in 2008, one of the skills I taught myself was how to market a business. I quickly figured out the psychology of how to motivate people to want to share information about my business.  Before I even knew what a viral marketing campaign was, I ran  a marketing campaign which went viral on MySpace.  I got 10,000 hits within the first month. This is something I was quite proud of for achieving in a small niche start up business in the days when the adoption of the internet was a lot lower.

I graduated from Portsmouth University with a degree in Product Design and Innovation. I have always been into technology and interested in innovation and new ideas. Before I had an iPod or iPhone I used to compress audio files and put them onto my portable Sony Mini-disc player.  As soon as  bought an iPhone I was hooked. Shortly after this, I bought an iPad which was permanently by my side. I like wearable technology and have a Pebble watch and a Fitbit.

Through a number of roles in a variety of industries I have been exposed to a broad spectrum different types of companies with a variety of styles and strategies.

I have always had a curious nature and a strong desire for knowledge and understanding. I find it very rewarding to find others who I can share ideas with to help them achieve their goals.

I am advanced PADI qualified scuba diver and I enjoy white water kayaking at the London 2012 Olympic white water course, skiing and golf. I have a keen interest in property investment and want to build up my portfolio over the coming years. I also enjoy listening to music and reminiscing of my youth when I was a club and radio DJ.


white water kayaking
White water kayaking at the London Lea Valley white water centre built for the Olympic 2012 games
Scuba diving in Thailand
Scuba diving in Thailand 18m under the Andaman Sea

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