You can’t help someone that doesn’t want to be helped

There is something called the 12 step program, it helps people to over come addictions to negative behaviours. Addiction is not just for people who poor vodka on their cornflakes or who are slumped in an alley smoking a crack pipe. Anyone who eats junk food to cheer themselves up or has a drink when [...]

The more you give the more you get

Who ever you care the most about, whether it’s friends, family, customers, employees, whoever. Show them. Be nice to your friends they’ll be nice to you. Love your family they will love you back. Treat your customers well and they will treat you well. Look after your employees they will look after you. You get [...]

You can’t expect kindness unless it’s what you offer to yourself & others

Should anyone be kind to you if you are not kind to them?  Should anyone respect you if you don’t respect them?  They might if you are lucky but probably not.  If you aren’t kind and respectful to others then you probably aren’t being kind or respectful to yourself.  It starts with you.  Be the [...]