The only thing EVERYONE on line has in common………

..........they will die What happens to your online profiles when you die? Did you know any of the places you store or upload information Facebook, Twitter, etc own your data. There is technology out there today which can predict what your next tweet might be. There is talk that the technology might exist in the [...]

What is your Personal vs Business social media strategy for 2012?

Where do you draw the line between personal and professional networking? In this blog I will give you an overview of how I use different sites for business and personal use. As social networking begins to be apart of most businesses marketing and even customer service strategies where does your professional presence stop and your [...]

New lingo – MaaS – Marketing as a (free) Service

Employees as a service? Spokes people? Brand ambassadors? How would you like to have an army of brand ambassadors and spokes people who are available as and when you need. Imagine this army of people would consist of so many people the world over that no matter what time of day it is or in [...]

What does YOUR personal brand say about YOU? – Part 1 – A personal branding introduction

  I'm not talking about Jo Brand or Russell Brand I'm talking about YOUR personal brand. What do people think about you? How are you perceived among your clients, colleagues and within your industry? Whether you are a business leader, a consultant, a sales person, a lawyer, an entrepreneur, a hairdresser or anyone in business [...]