5 Free Social Selling tools

This is series of short videos I have made giving you an overview of 5 free social selling tools in under 1 minute. Intro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RgL-iTD9FE Trouble viewing? Watch on YouTube Twitter Twitter is a microblogging service where you can share 140 characters at a time. These short bits of information are called Tweets. Twitter describes […]

Why should you be transparent in business?

Short answer: Because it is the right thing to do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-0_MQppUj0 Watch on YouTube. I have been a long time believer that transparency is a good thing for good people and good businesses. If you got nothing to hide, you shouldn’t have a problem with transparency in business. It will help the good businesses get better and get […]

[Video] Chris Heffer speaking about Social Data and CRM for Social Media Week 2012

This is the video for the presentation I did as part of Social Media Week 2012. I presented on how social data could be used in CRM. The presentation was part of the Social Data and Privacy Event held at Nebarro as part of Social Media Week London 2012. Topics covered in presentation What is CRM […]

Chris Heffer speaking at Facebook HQ for Social Media Week

This is the video for the presentation I did as part of Social Media Week 2012. I presented on “why you don’t need a social media strategy”. Would love your feedback if you get a chance to watch any of the video. Full write up without the video – Why you don’t need a social media […]

How to get more REAL followers on Twitter

Do you want to find followers on Twitter? Do you want to find real followers who actually want to hear what you have to say, engage with you and re-tweet what you say? Read on if you want to learn how you can add more followers to your total on Twitter. This blog is the result of […]

How can blogging help you sell?

Do you want to know how blogging can help you sell? Are you sceptical if it will work in your business niche/sector/industry? Are you trying to figure out if you should start a blog? Then read on….. While on holiday in Thailand I saw this article pop up in my Flipboard. Link to article > […]

What is social business?

Do you want to know what social business is? Do you want to know how it will change business in the future? I believe there is no such thing as “Social Media”. It is just a phrase to describe the current state of the internet. I believe social business is the future of business. Social […]

How to embed a tweet button in your blog

Have you ever wanted to embed a tweet button into your blog post? Rather than tweet a link to the whole article, have you ever wanted to tweet just a quote or snippet? In a previous post I explained how to get people to share your content through social networks. This article will help you to […]

How to create a business case for a social selling

Do you work in sales? Are you passionate about how social can help your organisation sell more? Do you want to know what role content marketing and content creation will play in the future way you will  communicate with your potential customers? This post explains how you can build a business case to help change […]