Spellbrook tour test

This is a test virtual tour I created that could be used on our new intranet site as well as on our external facing websites.

The privacy controls are really good, this tour is not listed anywhere so no one can find it with out the link I have shared with you. It has also been restricted to only be able to be shown on my website. So we can control where we share different content if we needed to.

With the photos that I took on my iPhone 6s with a free app. I created a free account. It took about a minute to take each photo and about 10 mins to edit the tour. The only thing I paid for was $10 to make the whole thing private. If it was public it would be free.

With the photos I took we could easily add them to Google Maps to make them more accessible to more people.

Test embed on a web page

Link to the non-embedded file if the above doesn’t look good on your screen.


Google maps creation example

Here is an example of a tiny part of Google Maps I created. I captured the photos in exactly the same way as the first example but this is actually on Google Maps live on the internet.