I believe everyone who does good in the world can do it better using the internet.

I grow companies by attracting more attention and building trust whilst measuring and learning what works and what doesn’t.

I am an ROI driven digital marketer with a passion for SEO, content creation, marketing automation and digital ads.

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Chris was been fantastic to work with and has provided some great insights and some excellent content. We are thrilled to work with him and look forward to working with him again.
Justin McLaughlin Marketing Director EMEA, Oracle
It was such a huge honour for me to work with Chris. He is a passionate, intelligent and inspiring individual who isn’t afraid to define a vision for the future, a path to get there and then to fight for the business need to get there. Chris is an asset to any organisation that is smart enough to hire him.
Michael Brenner - Vice President, Marketing and Content Strategy, SAP
Chris knows, and gets Social Media and is very passionate about it. I have found him to be very knowledgeable and a strong and capable team player to any Social focused effort.
Phil Dervan – Vice President, Social Media Strategy and Business Development, SAP
Chris is certainly passionate about social business. He has a good understanding of the trajectory of the market, and a coherent vision on how to capitalize on market trends.

Keith Hamrick – Senior Product Marketing Manager, Salesforce
In an age where so few individuals are truly trying to produce content and do marketing in a way that thinks, talks, and walks like a consumer, Chris Heffer gets it. He pushes hard, has big vision, and I think he has what it takes to help organizations achieve big success.
Marcus Sheridan - President, The Sales Lion

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Custom audience targeting for Facebook adverts through Marketing Partners

Within the Facebook's eco-system there are Marketing Partners who can help improve the way you market through Facebook. In this case to help you better target your Facebook adverts. Facebook already has huge amounts of data

#HayterStripes User Generated Content


Hayter lawn mower are famed for the rear roller on them which creates a striped lawn finish. I came up with the concept of the #HayterStripes hashtag. It was an idea to build trust in

User generated content to support product launch

To support the launch of the New Hayter Harrier 41 lawn mower I worked with a number YouTuber's to let them trial the new product. Dave Worner is an ex green keeper with 18 years

Augmented reality brochure and point of sale pilot

I developed this proof of concept augmented reality experience to promote a new product launch. I built two versions using two different technologies. One shown in the video below is built using Augment.com's platform. I

Recruit industry expert bloggers

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Hayter has a big SEO problem. 91% of the keywords that they rank for are branded search terms which included the company name. The lawn mower-related search landscape is almost the total opposite which only

Product launch teaser videos

As part of the launch campaign for the New Harrier 41 product. I created some teaser videos which was made from some of the footage from the main launch video. The videos were designed to

International Digital Advertising Planning

Managed a six-figure digital advertising budget for the global brand Toro. I look after all countries outside North America around the globe. I implemented better targeting of the advertising across 7 business divisions in multiple countries.

Virtual tour for company website


This is a scaled down version of virtual tour I created.     Iframe embed on a web page Link to the non-embedded file if the above doesn't look good on your screen. https://roundme.com/tour/78275/view/

360 video pilot

I created some 360 videos to demonstrate the concept and figure out what kind of shots we could make using our products.  

HubSpot Implementation for PianoDJ.co.uk

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Before Hubspot PianoDj had a lot of manual sales and marketing processes. Everything lived on pieces of paper or spreadsheets. Leads were tracked in spreadsheets if at all. PianoDJ is a rapidly growing into a

Wedding DJ Videos


One of the challenges a premium supplier faces when trying to sell their services is justifying why they might be worth spending more money on than a cheaper alternative. We started a series of wedding

SEO optimisation on 3rd party website


Part of the way any wedding business can grow their business is to become a recommended supplier at a wedding venues. PianoDJ were asked to join the recommended list at a fantastic new venue. The

Business Card design

As part of a recent partnership between PianoDJ and new wedding venue. PianoDJ had the opportunity to put some business cards into a display stand. This was one of the main ways in which clients

Structured micro data


Implemented structured micro data for wedding fairs, wedding venues and reviews of wedding venues. This resulted in search engines being able to understand what the information is on the page and displaying it in search

Booking form UX / UI design

The booking form was a crucial part of taking PianoDJ fully online. If there was a way to make it easy to book it would help people because they can do it when ever they

Wedding Pianist SEO

One of the largest source of leads and traffic is organic search. As part of the redesign of PianoDJ.co.uk we strategically redesigned the site to stand a good chance of ranking for some targeted key

iPad app demo video

When PianoDJ launched the wedding lead generation on the world one of things it needed was a demo of how it worked so people who was interested in the app could see how it actually

Animated explainer video

PianoDJ designed and built a wedding fair lead generation iPad app. One of the tasks that I had was to create an animated explainer video. The goal of the video was to explain the concept

Wedding Piano Remix Video

As part of the overhaul of the PianoDJ brand one of the assets we had to work on was the PianoDJ YouTube channel with close to 3m views. To continue to reinforce the quality and

Embeddable Wedding Venue Ratings Widget

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A couple couldn't book their music supplier until they had booked a venue. So to help build a relationship with couples getting married before they were ready to book the music for their wedding I

YouTube Series Thumbnail Design

For our PianoDJs new higher production value video series. It was really important to create strong recognisable branding for the series. They needed to all be different but also look like they were part of

Christmas Video Advent Calendar


I built a Christmas Video advent calendar. I designed the advent doors and the Christmas variation of the piano video YouTube Thumbnails in photoshop. I then had to write the PHP code to swap the

Music Album Artwork

As part of a Christmas Musical Advent calendar promotional campaign we released the music onto the music stores such as iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Amazon. Listen on Spotify Listen on Soundcloud Watch on Youtube

Sales Predictions eBook

I was asked to contribute my thoughts as to what 2015 holds for the world of social selling. I helped curate contributions from other thought leaders in my network such Jill Rowley, Tim Hughes and

Driving #SocialSelling Videos


I created a series of videos about Social selling. Watch the series

LinkedIn eBook

I was one of 33 social selling experts who was asked to contribute to a new free Social Selling ebook published by Linkedin. The book features a foreword by LinkedIn's Head of Social Media Koka Sexton who is

Oracle Social Selling videos


Oracle is the second largest software company in the world with a turnover of $38B in 2015. They wanted to create a landing to page to drive downloads for their Grande Guide to Social Selling. They

Social Media Week Presentation


This is the video for the presentation I did as part of Social Media Week 2012. I presented on how social data could be used in CRM. The presentation was part of the Social Data and

Presentation at Facebook UK HQ

In 2012 I had the opportunity to be asked to present at four separate events at Social Media Week. The high light for me was being asked to deliver a presentation at Facebook's London office as part of Social