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One of the people who I find interesting and inspiriational in marketing is Gary Vaynerchuk. He is not for everyone, he is very opinionated and curses a lot (if that is a problem to you). However, he does cut to the chase and say it as it is. It is quite refreshing to hear someone who is so honest and open about what he thinks.

In this video Gary explain why marketers ruin everything and why you need to always be looking forward to the future. In essence the theory is that where ever people’s attention is, marketers will find a way to disrupt you from that thing  and tell you to buy their stuff.

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Sorry to pick a hole in your arguement Gary

Although I do agree with everything that Gary says, I do think that he is mainly talking about advertising type marketing such as print ads, TV ads, social media ads, cold calling, mailshots and email mail shots. I agree that advertising interupts things that I want to watch, listen or read. Whether it is a TV program, radio station, podcast or a webpage. The only exception I can find to pick a hole in Gary’s arguement is inbound marketing. A marketer can create useful content that helps to educate customers or fix their problems improving the sales funnel . As long as you dont push the content down their throats by promoting that content with an advert which interupts something, I dont think you have ruined anything. Create great content and make sure it is optimised so people can find it, when they ask Google. If you do this you are helping to fix their problems by putting the customer’s needs before your own.

What I guess he would say back to me

Plain and simple, if inbound marketing works, marketers will ruin it. I believe inbound marketing should be very customer centric. It should not directly promote your company or its products. If you educate a customer about why they should buy anything and how to make a good assessment of what they should buy, then the right people will buy your product more often than not. However, MARKETERS RUIN EVERYTHING! Where there is a will there is a way. If a marketer can figure out to drive eye balls to peice of content then they will interupt your eyeballs with an advert. Back to square one :(.

Market in the year we live in

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Just in case you haven’t had enough of Gary Vaynerchuk,  this video talks about why it is important to try new things in marketing so that you stay ahead of the curve. Play the offence not defence.

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