The greatest marketing video in the world?

I think so. Learn from the best and watch this Apple promotional video from 1997. This is pure genius. This is why I love Apple. I normally would say that I want ME to represent me, not a branded object or item of clothing. However, Apple is the only brand that I think says something about […]

What is the future of Social Media? Series Intro

On January 8th 2007 all the mobile phone handset providers were rubbing their hands together and counting how much money they were making from the boom in mobile device sales. Then the next day, this happened…… (if you’re short of time just watch the first 3 minutes and 10 seconds, its inspiring) Steve Jobs talks about how […]

Why I Don’t Care About Cloud Computing

This post was originally published as guest blog on the SAP cloud blog I am a consumer of IT. I love technology. I couldn’t imagine a world without my iPad and I will never buy another phone unless it is prefaced by the letter I. Every day I check my Gmail account. I work with […]