SAP is launching a new business innovation marketing campaign supported by a thought leading content marketing program. The campaign is based around the idea that a customer’s journey starts with a search. They type into Google “what is cloud computing?” or “what is big data?” SAP plans to provide the content to be the answer to that customer’s search.

SAP is launching a new site called” SAP Business Innovation” to serve as a landing page for their new “Run Like Never Before” campaign. They are hand picking thought leaders in different areas of business to create content. The content will help answer a buyer’s initial queries before they even know what they are looking to buy or need.

SAP’s senior director of marketing Michael Brenner announced:  when the new advertising campaign kicks off in the States, in the second half of April, we expect hundreds of thousands of visitors to come to the site, explore our content and engage with each other.

The site’s aim is to select posts that support SAP’s main objective to educating their audience in topics pertaining to innovation.  75% of the content will be generated by non SAP sources. Sites will include Forbes, Harvard Business Review, The New York Times, Fast Company  and I am pleased to announce they are adding to that list! The @SAP account is selecting certain articles to tweet, but all articles will be auto-tweeted by @Biz_Innovations.

My articles will be scheduled alongside other Sales, Marketing and Social CRM authors such as Jonathan Becher (SAP’s Chief Marketing Officer),  Michael Brenner (Senior Marketing Director),  and Todd Wilms (Senior Director of Social Media Marketing).

Michael goes on to say:

“We launched Business Innovation from SAP to meet a broader spectrum of content needs for our audience, and to help them Run Better through business innovation. We are excited to add Chris’ blog as it will help us to showcase the thought leadership and expertise of the SAP community in ways that are not promotional, but truly customer-centric and helpful to the business professional. Chris is helping SAP to demonstrate that we help businesses achieve growth and competitive advantage, not just through our software and services, but also through the knowledge and support of our people.”

I am proud to be added to the list of prestigious contributors.  It will make think longer and harder about the quality of my blogs, so that they fit in amongst such good company.

Link to Chris Heffer author page on which shows my articles –

Have you had any success stories about using social media in your organisation? What tips would you give someone starting in a new organisation to help get ahead?

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