With all the information out there on the big world-wide web thing, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way of bringing it all together in one place? Think of how many people read a newspaper or a magazine everyday? Anyone who doesn’t read a newspaper probably thinks it is not relevant to their life. Something has come along that will change the way you consume information forever.

This app could be everything to everyone.

Most people seem to say they don’t have time for social media for business. Anything that makes information easy to consume surely must be a good thing? Most people see the value of industry information to enhance the way the do business but a number of people dismiss social media as a waste of time.

I have recently become a big fan of using google reader. I have aggregated all of the websites and blogs which I am interested in. I can go in there once or twice a day and scan through all the sites I need and very quickly pick out the one or two which I might want to read in full. Flipboard takes this concept to the next level.

It simply makes the Internet better

Flipboard is an app available for the iPhone and iPad. It brings together information from around the web and puts it into one place. Instead of you visiting a handful of websites every day to catch up on the latest information and news from your chosen topics, you just open Flipboard.

It aggregates these common feeds plus many, many more-

  • Twitter – it displays the story behind the shortened link without you having to click-through to find out what it is. You can retweet, favourite, reply and email feed from within the article.
  • Facebook – displays your news feed and gives you the ability to share the article on your news feed, like the post, or email a link to the post.
  • LinkedIn – Displays your news feed with opportunity to like, comment and share.
  • Google reader – displays all the articles from the feeds you have on your reader in the form of a magazine article
  • Search for other feeds or topics – you can add pretty much any feed or topic. Any twitter user you follow closely you can add them in to you magazine by giving them their own section.

Your cover page when you open the app looks like this with a large picture from one of the feeds.

Then you swipe to the right and in a very elegant fashion the contents page comes up.

After this you can drill down in to any section which takes you fancy and investigate the story behind the headline.

Then you can dive deep into the tweet/story and see the story or web page behind it.

For anybody who is interest in viewing information from multiple web sources on a regular basis then this just might revolutionise how you consume information. It even has an offline viewing capability which give you a limited but reasonable amount of information. Handy when on a plane, underground or just when you have no signal/wifi.

Put simply this is the best and most used iPad/iPhone app I own.

Have you used this app? Did it revolutionise the way you consume information like me or did the novelty wear off quickly?

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