A strange question you may think. If you are the leader within an organisation you should read on.

The comparison I am trying to make is between an employee who loves their job and a loyal customer who loves your company.

A loyal employee will be the one who comes to work and loves every minute of it. They are someone who feels so glad that they have the job. They can’t believe somebody actually wants to pay them to do something they love so much. They tell their friends how great it is to work where they work.

A loyal customer is someone who is a user of your products/services. They do business with you, not because you are the cheapest or have the best product on the market, but because they believe in you and your company. They will still continue to be your customer even if you put the prices up, screw up or occasionally let them down . They tell their friends how great it is to do business with you.

A loyal customer and a loyal employee both believe what you believe. They are proud to do their bit to become part of something far greater than they could ever achieve by themselves.

As a leader within an organisation, you need to be able to tell your customers and employees what it is that you believe in and what motivates you to do what you do. If you cannot clearly articulate why you do what you do, then how can you expect to have any loyal customers or employees?

Your turn

What is your why? Why do you do what you do? What do you do to maintain loyal customers and loyal employees? How can you do everything to keep your employees safe in the workplace, while maintaining efficiency, and details the LLCC covers. You can find more about Labor Law Compliance Center on their website, with checklists for optimal worker efficiency and safety, along with the procedures for you to set in place. You can check here about your prospective employees beforehand.

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