How to find ideas to write in your blog

In this blog I will share some ideas that will give you 101 different ideas about how to find things to blog about as a bonus if you do it right it will get your more people to your blog and hopefully more sales! I was reading an ebook about inbound marketing¬†;from a guy with […]

6 tips to kick start your business social network

In this blog I will give you an idea of how to get started into the world of social networking for business. Whether you are a newbie to social networking in general, a personal user of social networking or you are already engaged in networking to some degree already I will cover some tips to […]

What does YOUR personal brand say about YOU? – Part 1 – A personal branding introduction

  I’m not talking about Jo Brand or Russell Brand I’m talking about YOUR personal brand. What do people think about you? How are you perceived among your clients, colleagues and within your industry? Whether you are a business leader, a consultant, a sales person, a lawyer, an entrepreneur, a hairdresser or anyone in business […]