What is social data?

Social data is the key to how the businesses of tomorrow will build a more personalised service for their customers. Social data comes from a variety of different sources and forms part of your digital foot print. Your digital footprint can includes sources such as: Microblogging sites such as twitter Online search history Photo sharing […]

Crowd sourced summary of #CSMB2B in 42 tweets!

I have continued on with the social collaboration themed summary posts due to popularity of the last two ( #SBSS12 & #SBS2012) .  Thanks to everyone who contributed to the conversation using the event hashtag #CMSB2B. The European Social Media Marketing Summit was held in London at the Regents Park Marriott Hotel on 25-26th June 2012. The event was […]

Crowd sourced summary of #SBS2012 in 63 tweets!

Due to the popularity of my last crowd sourced summary I thought I would continue on with the social collaboration. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the conversation using the event hashtag #SBS2012. The Social Business Summit 2012 was held in London on June 21st 2012. The event was organised by Dachis Group and sponsored […]

Crowd sourced summary of #SBSS12 in 60 tweets!

In the true spirit of social collaboration I thought I should crowd source the content for this summary. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the conversation using the event hashtag #SBSS12. The Social Business Strategy Summit was held in London on May 31st 2012. The event was organised by MyCustomer.com in association with BPT partners. […]

Whose job is social media in an organisation?

This post discusses whose responsibility it is to look after social media within an organisation. So who does it lie with? Marketing? Traditionally, you would say marketing. It is their role to build awareness of a companies products and to build the company brand. These are the experts at creating and carrying out a marketing campaign. Are […]

Is an employee the same as a customer?

A strange question you may think. If you are the leader within an organisation you should read on. The comparison I am trying to make is between an employee who loves their job and a loyal customer who loves your company. A loyal employee will be the one who comes to work and loves every […]

What is the future of Social Media? Part 1 – Television

A couple of weeks ago when I was bored on a Saturday night at home, I downloaded an app called Zeebox for my iPad. This is a new concept for an app which uses the second screen concept. The second screen provides an experience that enhances what your main screen is showing you. This is […]

How can I motivate people to buy ? Part two

This article follows on from part one on how to motivate people to buy. In fact this applies to most situations where you have to convince somebody to do something. There are two categories into which every tactic will fall; to manipulate or to inspire. The vast majority will fall into the manipulate category, with only the greatest being able to inspire. I will […]

Why should a new employee use social media?

Here I am, 3 months into a new role. I thought I would let you know what YOU can achieve in the right environment with the right mind-set. If I can do it you can too. I firmly believe that social media can help the business world be a better place for everyone. I have jumped […]

Why should HR use social media?

I was asked to deliver a presentation to the EMEA HR team on why you should use external social media. As I work in sales and all the presentations I have done have been to people in sales based roles, I needed to review my strategy. I don’t want to just tell people what Twitter and LinkedIn are, they […]