The greatest marketing video in the world?

I think so. Learn from the best and watch this Apple promotional video from 1997. This is pure genius. This is why I love Apple. I normally would say that I want ME to represent me, not a branded object or item of clothing. However, Apple is the only brand that I think says something about [...]

5 Free Social Selling tools

This is series of short videos I have made giving you an overview of 5 free social selling tools in under 1 minute. Intro Trouble viewing? Watch on YouTube Twitter Twitter is a microblogging service where you can share 140 characters at a time. These short bits of information are called Tweets. Twitter describes [...]

5 pillars of #SocialSelling by @jill_rowley

I have never seen a tweet worthy of it's own blog post until now. There is so much value in here I just had to do it. Here it is. View on twitter The picture shows Jill's 5 pillars of social selling From resume to digital reputation ABC's: Always be connecting Using content to [...]

Why should you be transparent in business?

Short answer: Because it is the right thing to do. Watch on YouTube. I have been a long time believer that transparency is a good thing for good people and good businesses. If you got nothing to hide, you shouldn't have a problem with transparency in business. It will help the good businesses get better and get [...]

How radical transparency can help you sell

One of the values you need to adopt to be successful at social selling is transparency. I watched this video a few years ago and it is still as valuable today if not more so than it was back then. In this video Jeffrey Hollender discusses "Radical transparency" as appose to transparency. Transparency is deciding [...]

21st Century Business and Leadership by @LeeBryant from @MeaningConf

In the same way that I was inspired by a vision for the future of business pitched at the Social Business Summit 2012, Lee Bryant delivered a thought provoking and insightful presentation at Meaning Conference last month. The key ideas which resonated with me were: To be a successful company you need to have a [...]

Why do I do anything?

Want to understand out how to motivate people or how you can motivate yourself? Think paying someone more money will get better results? Think again. People want autonomy, mastery and purpose. Watch this video to learn more. Cant see the video? Watch on YouTube