What is social media?

Social Media means so many things to so many people,  I thought I would add my 2 cents. I want to start by agreeing with Gary Vaynerchuk in saying that there is no such thing as "social media". Social media is just a term to describe the current state of the internet. Just in the [...]

How @itv2 could make more money from advertising from #towie using #socialdata

  I was walking down South Woodford high street (in Essex) with my girlfriend and her friend.  Suddenly a girl came chasing after us. She wanted us to be extras in the latest episode of "The only way is Essex" (TOWIE). As it happened I couldn't make it but I was a bit gutted! I might lose all [...]

What is social data?

Social data is the key to how the businesses of tomorrow will build a more personalised service for their customers. Social data comes from a variety of different sources and forms part of your digital foot print. Your digital footprint can includes sources such as: Microblogging sites such as twitter Online search history Photo sharing [...]

What is the future of Social Media? Series Intro

On January 8th 2007 all the mobile phone handset providers were rubbing their hands together and counting how much money they were making from the boom in mobile device sales. Then the next day, this happened...... (if you're short of time just watch the first 3 minutes and 10 seconds, its inspiring) Steve Jobs talks about how [...]

Why I Don’t Care About Cloud Computing

This post was originally published as guest blog on the SAP cloud blog I am a consumer of IT. I love technology. I couldn’t imagine a world without my iPad and I will never buy another phone unless it is prefaced by the letter I. Every day I check my Gmail account. I work with [...]

Why @o2 failed with their promoted tweet about #blackberrysale

I log into hootsuite today and I see a promoted tweet as below: This annoys me because O2 as a company should be better at this kind of thing. Let me tell you why. I used to be a loyal Nokia customer but ever since I bought an iPhone I can not imagine owning another [...]

What is the future of Social Media? Part 2 – Retail

This post is part two of my "What is the future of Social Media" series. I am creating and curating some predictions around where I believe social media could change the way we do business. Each article will focus on a specific industry sector. You can find part one which discusses The future of Social [...]

Crowd sourced summary of #CSMB2B in 42 tweets!

I have continued on with the social collaboration themed summary posts due to popularity of the last two ( #SBSS12 & #SBS2012) .  Thanks to everyone who contributed to the conversation using the event hashtag #CMSB2B. The European Social Media Marketing Summit was held in London at the Regents Park Marriott Hotel on 25-26th June 2012. The event was [...]